Poems and Poetry

Suzanne Cullen

On Being Told I Am Good, but Not Good Enough | A Poem by Suzanne Cullen

Today I was told I was good but not good enough.
I am cross with myself, because I should be good enough at what I do
by now.
I am average, above average on occasion and good, but not outstanding
as Ofsted would say.
That is also true of my parenting, my commitment to animal welfare,
weight loss and work.
I can be outstanding on occasions but I struggle with attitude, belief
and commitment.
I also like to do what I want to do, which is not necessarily what I
should be doing.
I hold up my hands, I am not good enough, you are right and sometimes
I don’t know if I have, or can be bothered to muster up, what it
takes to join the top tier.
There are no excuses to hide behind.
Mediocrity is a comfortable cushion to lie on until it is taken away
from me by the truth.