Poems and Poetry

Scott Thomas Outlar

Quarterly Questions | A Poem by Scott Thomas Outlar

The shifting seasons
pulse and cycle
as magnetic poles
in the celestial spheres
twist and turn…
so, too, do the seasons
of the soul
rotate and revolve.

To be
or not to be…
in alignment?
This is the question
which always
seems to determine
whether one shall be
sane or not.

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A Good Hard Look | A Poem by Scott Thomas Outlar

The halo
is too hot

The sun
is burning righteous

The world
is on the edge

are marching strong

The TV
is spewing nonsense

The vibration
is out of tune

True believers
are in a frenzy

A collapse
is on the way

The sky
is filled with dark clouds

The rain
is acid laced

The minds
are calcified and stunted

The future
is sagging low

The New Age
is a pipe dream

The mirror
is full of cracks

The illusion
is staring back

never lie

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A New Attraction | A Poem by Scott Thomas Outlar

Start at the same point every morning
and end at the same point each night

The same dreams propel the motion
through each action when I wake

Looking to fill the same empty spaces
while trying to find a higher truth

Seeking the perfect woman to help me
make the most of what time I have left

A poem for breakfast, a poem for lunch,
a poem for snacks, a poem for dinner

There is nothing new under the sun
yet I keep trying to disprove the theory

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Balance Points | A Poem by Scott Thomas Outlar

Birds on a wire
Snakes in the grass

Like unto like
Each unto its own

A bottle for the wino
Silence for the monk

Neon dreams for the artist
Dark nightmares for the politician

Truth for the seeker
Ignorance for the fool

A time for everything
A seed for each new season

Clouds in the blue sky
Scum in the murky pond

A kiss between lovers
A knife in the side

Signs of synchronicity
Warnings of perilous doom

A Renaissance for America
A downfall of the Empire

Order in the evolution of mindfulness
Chaos in the stagnation of misperception

Like unto like
Each unto its own

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Left Wondering | A Poem by Scott Thomas Outlar

There are certain moments in one’s life
that are so good,
so filled with pure happiness,
so entwined in bliss,
so lined up with synchronicity,
so honest,
so true,
so right,
that when they go wrong
every moment after
for the rest of that life
one is left wondering why;
and so, to fill the void,
one spends the next several years
writing poetry…alone…
always wondering…why?

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Emergence | A Poem by Scott Thomas Outlar

Yellow and green
in place of black

A heart
in place of coal

in place of treachery

in place of wine

in place of smoke

Health and happiness
in place of sickness

Life and love
in place of cancer

Truth and honesty
in place of false hope

A song
in place of silence

in place of chaos

in place of the past

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