Poems and Poetry

Nathy Dulanto Bernuy

Words | A Poem by Nathy Dulanto Bernuy

That disappear with the wind
That time erases easily
Hurt more than punches
Resonate in my head this night

What am I just with words?
An empty soul
A breathless heart
A solitary errand in this lonely world
Nothing but the reflection of my thoughts

What am I just with my voice?
when I can’t get to you
when it vanishes in an echo
when I just want to scream my love
When I can’t talk about what I feel

What am I just with my dreams?
A girl with just love
A stone in the road
A hopeless girl that lost all
Looking for faith in this solitary job

Words won’t be enough to express this love
Words won’t be enough to get to you
Words won’t be enough to apologize enough
What am I going to do when I just have words?

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Dreams Hurt Less than Reality | A Poem by Nathy Dulanto Bernuy

Dreams hurt less than reality
I let you walk away
Sad feelings I am
For the first time in my life
I’m completely lost
Not going forwards,
Not going backwards
I need a compass in my life
I’m stuck with this feeling
All feels so meaningless
Without you all is pointless
I have to forget all
Focus on what I want
I was not perfect then
I am not perfect now
But you love me for who I was
I can’t keep holding on this
I just have an injured heart
I wish I could run and hide
This thought is haunting my mind
Not having you around
Feeling avoided and ignored
Not finding any comfort
Life is empty without love
Dreams hurt less than reality

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New Chance | A Poem by Nathy Dulanto Bernuy

I lived waiting for tomorrows
Scared to face my sorrows
It’s time to follow the signs
It’s time to do what is right

I lived waiting for a new chance
Scared to follow my own advice
It’s time to let go the past
It’s time to take the plunge

I’ve been blind all this time
Scared to face my life
It’s time to took away the headband
It’s time to see with brand new eyes

I’ve been living a huge lie
Scared to face the truth
It’s time to move on
It’s time to let you go

I will stand up for my dreams
I’ll try to fulfill my plans
Today is all that matters
Today is when my new chance starts

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Unexpected Happiness | A Poem by Nathy Dulanto Bernuy

Lost in my feelings
Couldn’t find the way out,
The frailness of this soul,
Looking for calm

Fighting against my thinking
No solution found
Restlessness of this heart,
Hidden in a corner were

Answers to this meaningless life
Hope only from
Holding on to my dreams,
Comforted by this light

Without notice, all changed,
Joy was rising
Unexpected happiness
A new love was born

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Horizon | A Poem by Nathy Dulanto Bernuy

On the horizon I could see
Dreams become reality
Souls drifting in the sea
Looking for an opportunity

Finding a ray of hope
This feeling I was not looking for
Waiting in this exhausted world
I called to my thoughts

Warmth in this soul felt
The sadness in silence hummed
A wounded heart beat
All suffering lived

Tired of enduring pain
Unconditional love came
I was not allowed to dream
You show me how to feel loved again

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Ignored | A Poem by Nathy Dulanto Bernuy

Why is it so hard to smile
Always over thinking is not right
I need you by my side
All feels so sad

Everything is meaningless
Without you all is boring
I feel so ignored
Not having you around

Now that you’re gone
I feel so lost
Trying to keep myself busy
Is not helping at all

I shouldn’t have been sad
But nothing can make me smile
People said that I’m not right
But I’m happy knowing that you’re fine

Listening to your old songs
To feel you close
We’re waiting for you
My loneliness and I

Free in Art | A Poem by Nathy Dulanto Bernuy

How can I stand here and be focused
When all I can think of is Art
My mind is lost somewhere else
Because my thoughts are flying to another place
You tried to bring me back to reality
You said art is a waste of time
You can’t define me I choose this way
We are not the same
This is my happiness
We are different, we express ourselves differently
And we are free to do that,
That’s why it’s Art
Why can’t people understand?
Art set me free, made me forget all the bad things
Art is my all, it’s my way to be