Poems and Poetry


A Woman Talks to Her Former Lover | A Poem by Naduni

Those who said broken glass cannot be rejoined
Were weaklings
Yes weaklings
The strong are the ones who not only rejoined
Disjointed glass
But also disjointed lives
I am the epitome of the women
who can not only bear
breaking, tearing and shattering
But also resist
I am not going to stick
My beautiful life
You tore into pieces
With watery glue sold in
Mainstream markets
I am going to burn and remold
My life, you, young man could
Only tear
With your weak manly fingers
Into a stronger, harder shape
I am the phoenix
That withstands fire
I will burn and remold
But will never be destroyed
I will resurrect from my own ashes
You who can only tear
Are a mere pawn on the chess board
Nothing to a woman-phoenix
Who withstands fire,
Fire mighty enough to scorch
The world you stand

To Leonard Woolf | A Poem by Naduni

Your great judge
The unbiased
White-souled gentleman
Sits in the bar
While my ancestor
Doesn’t understand that
He’s ‘acquitted’
The white jargon of the white law was
Alien to Silindu,
The wild bull, to you.
You said he made love
Like an animal
Did you witness? (If so, not very gentlemanly of you!)
Couldn’t it have been the wild cry
Of my great-great-grandmother’s pleasure
(Since my ancestors insisted on pleasure for both)
Silindu, my ancestor, the bull to you,
To me is the epitome of patience, far-sightedness and innocence
That bore your colonization with forbearance
My native culture,
My tradition of cohabitation,
Utter folly, taboo and immorality to you
Oh! To you and the natives who imitated you
To me is the veneration of individual freedom,
Freedom to love, freedom to live and freedom to leave
When one wants to

A Female Bird Speaks | A Poem by Naduni

My bird husband is making
A nest, said to be, comfortable
For his babies who still sleep in
My bloated belly
He is so little, and cute
But not weak mind you
When he opens his sharp beak
Every bird becomes weak

While my loving bird husband
Orders lovingly me to rest
While he builds the nest
For his babies that carry on his
Proud family name,
I perch lazily on a towering, dark tree
And doze and doze the whole day
After all what else can I do
I am a female bird mind you,
So I can’t build a nest
Not even for those who come from my own body
It is against nature
If I undertake the work
It would create such chaos in our little bird world

When he’s done I will lay the eggs
And idle till the next season
Then I’ll have to find another lover and lie
If I give up this work
Which is going against the nature,
It would create such chaos in our little bird world

Furore | A Poem by Naduni

The verdure that palisaded my arbour
In my puerile childhood
Is now parched
Isn’t it an apposite reflection
Of my cognition?

I am desiccated in the desert
Of your inclement people
Who deracinated me from my right for equality
And decimated my

With snides and stings
That whiplashed me but could not
Break my neck

The air damp with your venom
Could make me choke
But not asphyxiate

Your autocracy
And your subhuman interest in
Caste discrimination
Are dehydrating my veins
And exsiccating my alleged South-Indian blood with furore

Precious Time | A Poem by Naduni

You rest in peace
Under my swollen eyes
I never knew
My tear glands could produce
So much tears
Till I experimented at your death

Everybody is here
Our friends, your parents
Even my coworkers and yours
They remind me the god given precious moments
I wasted without spending with you
Holding your hand for one more minute
Kissing your forehead for one more second
Cooking you one more romantic dinner

How many times did I dropped a lazy text
Telling you I can’t meet you
‘cause of a board meeting
A funeral of a friend
Shopping at MC
Or a movie with friends or
A get together in the school
Or a Bodhi Pooja in the temple
How many days did I spend without you
Abroad during conferences and

How many nights did I spend at friends’ houses
Leaving you alone on a cold bed at a mute house

Then I thought it is just an hour, just a day, just a night or just a
And that I have a lifetime to spend with you
Here you are, lying motionless as frozen ice
Ashen and cold
My tears that stubbornly wet your chest to rouse you
Come to no avail
If I have just one more week, one more day, one more hour or one more
To hold your hand
To touch your lips
To tell you a thousand things I wanted to tell you
But never had the time
If I could say I love you one last time…

But now there’s no time
I’ve wasted the precious time
Like a fool and now regret

I Ended the World | A Poem by Naduni

I dismantled the Milky Way
Immersed it in the Mariana crate
Uprooted the Himalayas
Smashed them into bits and
Blew to the empty void of the space

When you were no longer there?
What use of them were to me?

I removed the stars
Didn’t let them shine any more
Covered the azure blue
Of the sky with white

I made them all mourn
For my unforeseen loss

There was none to empathise
Though there were many who spat
Empty, cliché expressions of ‘good manners,’
‘I am very sorry about your loss.’

My pain, my devastation and my desperation
Inflated in to a rage
That devoured the world and made it barren
Ruined the world, no Noahs exempted
Cause there were no Noahs who knew what was love and kindness
I don’t apologise
I am not sorry for the loss of the Earth
When you were not there
What was the use of that indurate world?

I Now Know Love | A Poem by Naduni

I now know love, that you were right
When you took my hand
And told me not to
On the bridge, that in hindsight,
Divided rather than united us
For the drizzly evening,
The night over in your apartment

My pride and my conviction
Led me here, where there’s only
A shadow, a translucent image
Of you

When you were there always with me
I never thought how much I’d miss you
If you were lost to me one day
You were like my lipstick I used and disposed
When I could never find the exact same shade
Only I felt how valuable you were to me whom
I so easily left

Overwhelmed by loneliness and gloom
I am now used to both
But they are not friends who share my life
They are murderers lurching behind, under and beside
Patiently watching me perish
Without wasting a bullet on my bare body

The days we spent under the mild sun
The soft pecks on the neck
The beautiful words
‘I love you’
Did not come to a stop
I came to the stop
I forced this loneliness
Myself and aren’t I punished for that?

The neon lights painting a soft blue hue
Over our small table in a warm corner of the coffee house
Sipping coffee we looked into each other’s eyes
How long? I can’t remember
I only remember that I never got tired of watching you
I remember the slender neck tapering into sharp collar bones
The soft blue dancing on the high cheekbones

My weak wrist is balancing my gaunt hand on the edge of the table
But now there is no hand cupping it, covering it from the harsh
Of the frigid world and murmuring to my ear
Tickling it, standing behind me, towering over me
Don’t worry – I am here

Only the memory of you – of us – of love – of our love – of hope
Remains around me
Wrapped to my weaning body like a thin, Georgette saree

If I didn’t go, if I listened to you, if I did what you wanted me to
Perhaps we’d be still together
Who knows really what would have happened…
Perhaps this is my fate
Perhaps you will come
Perhaps we’ll accidentally meet in a mundane
Place like a couple from a Hollywood movie
Perhaps… perhaps…
Even if I didn’t go
Something would still have parted us…