Poems and Poetry

JD DeHart

John Ramm’s Car Buying Experience | A Poem by JD DeHart

Cursing under his steaming
breath, John Ramm is working
through piles of paperwork

None of it makes sense
to his animal mind
but the kindly little fleshy
animal on the other side
of the desk is smiling,
so maybe that is a good

In the wild, when animals
draw back lips and show
teeth, it’s usually bad news,
a hard afternoon,
but here it seems to mean,
I’m doing the best I can
here, so go easy on me.

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Still Have Me | A Poem by JD DeHart

Yes, you still have me, dear,
and yes I see the pattern
of men in movies, creatures
of failure, but my vows are still
what they were
and I still hope to be better,
speak kindly, and make progress.
Lady among the Stones

She lets them scrape her
too often, falling down upon
them as if they are her bedrock.
I want to tell her these stones
look sharp, their edges not
rounded, another selection
would be better. But she always
wants to build on them,
never wants to leave them,
even until the end of her name.

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Happenings | A Poem by JD DeHart

Small events that mix like paint,
give us brand-new images, a car
won’t start, a new neighbor moves in,
the earth has begun to cool

A song plays on the radio that speaks
like a god to your aching mind, a deer
stands beside the highway and refuses
to cross your path, the semi lurches

A photograph flashes from nowhere,
your brother moves out and leaves you
the exercise room you wanted, you wake
up and find yourself transformed

into a mythological creature you never
knew existed.

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The Reading of Fiction | A Poem by JD DeHart

Updike never sold me a day,
but I can get lost in his descriptions.
Similarly, pages of Faulkner can
bury me in dialogue.
I can coast along the erasure
of a graphic novel about Derrida.
Or I can get lost in Billy Collins’
description of getting lost in a poem.
Or listen to the verse conversation
of James Tate.
Then what race occurs
to construct my own fiction, to view
and understand the fictions others
are creating, even as I walk by them,
even maybe about me.

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