Poems and Poetry

G.S. Katz

Chance Encounter in the Big Box Store | A Poem by G.S. Katz

In the big box store
Waiting on line to make a return
Older woman ahead of me
Exasperated by confused cashier
She turns to me
With a twinkle in her eye
Smiles and shakes her head
Hoping for resolution
Knowing there’s a slim chance
of this going right
But instead of anger
She takes it all in stride
She smiles again looking my way
Her transaction complete

I complete my exchange
Then see her a bit up ahead
I say excuse me
Tell her that when she smiled at me
She had my Mom’s smile
and a lovely twinkle in her eyes
Just like my Mom had
She tells me I made her day
I tell her I lost my Mom a few years ago
But she brought her back with her smile
We talk and exchange family histories
Have a few laughs about life
She was touched by my compliment
I had a Mom again for a few minutes
Priceless exchange in the big box store
New York City
This is why we live here
People and connection
Moments in time…

Aging, Virility, Sex, Trans Fat | A Poem by G.S. Katz

Comes a time
When you have to cross over
Often it’s involuntary
Wouldn’t call it maturity
More like a slow moving paralysis

I’m somehow thinking trans fat can help
Heaping portions of corn syrup and cane sugar
Gooey fat laden concoctions
Evoking a high octane sugar rush
That’s maturity I can believe in…

Experience and Paranoia | A Poem by G.S. Katz

Lately when I should be sleeping
I’m up and writing poems
Esoteric thoughts bleed through
While the owls are cruising main street

I’m not saying much these days
Letting the pundits spew their vitriol
Standing on the sidelines has merits
You don’t get hit with a pie meant for them

Living in NYC
Is like having a target on my chest
Terrorists want this prize
I just want a night’s sleep, dream free

Poet, Loner, Thief | A Poem by G.S. Katz

Those are the words that come to mind
I need you close, but not too close
Seducing you with my thoughts
Taking liberties with your heart
Sometimes you get into that in between time
Surveying the landscape
Hovering above the fog
I mean you no harm
To the contrary
It’s love darling
Plain but not simple
Do you want the last of the french fries?
I know, they’re bad for us
Resisting was never my thing
Denial though, well you know where I stand on that…

Pub Life | A Poem by G.S. Katz

Met an old friend last night
Pub up the street
Happy hour
All beers and wine $2.00 off
Pretty good deal
Had a couple of pints
Left Hand Milk Stout
The older crowd comes early
Not to mix
Cheaper spirits and good food
Monday night
Chicken wings 50 cents each
Front windows open
Humid out
AC inside
Moody mix of weather
No match
Vibe good
Laughs with friend
We sit at the bar
He has bangers and mash
I have the chicken club and fries
Gotta do this more often
Get a dark beer buzz
New York City
Monday night
Hanging like the old days
Nothing beats the pub
Slice of life