Poems and Poetry

Eleena Koep

Masterpiece | A Poem by Eleena Koep

Love is a beautiful piece of art
It is abstract yet has purpose and meaning
We all make up different colors
On the smooth surface of this canvas
Many colors will mix and make a magnificent color
Where others will never get a chance to mix
As gentle brush strokes move colors
Across the delicate material
Different colors mix and make an even better combination
Water can disrupt the natural flow
Of colors as changes in life often do
And make colors less vibrant or even break them down
Eventually the water will dissipate
And leave behind a random set of colors
Which hopefully make a breathtaking display
It is often said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder
Which is true when looking at the colors of love
The final display is only beautiful to those
Who can see past the colors
And feel the passion that was behind the masterpiece