Poems and Poetry

Anuradha Fonseka

Have You Ever Seen Me Like This? | A Poem by Anuradha Fonseka

Do I look that lighthearted.. happy..mischievous and playful like
never before?
You have never seen me like this?
Oh shame on you. read me better, look closer…
you will see the scars still hurting
I killed my feelings when promises and my heart were broken
My feelings and sentiments were assassinated on the spot
So that I won’t sigh whenever I think of you

You want old me back?
You want me to care the same and be that gentle?
I have murdered my sentiments for you
When my gentle heart was broken
You better try later
Only if my heart would ever recover

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Ode to J’pura | A Poem by Anuradha Fonseka

Your dreams will be realized
Though not exactly the same way you wished
Be happy child…! Love what you’ve got
Be grateful to “Him” for what you’ve got

Though not grand, what I got was precious
The dear place let me love it
The giant trees, lawns and flower beds
Soon made me feel home; where I belong

The flowery tops of giant trees
The smiling faces beneath them
And the memories made beneath them
Rejoice my heart to its core

J’pura is the place which taught me
To learn lessons from my own life
A place which taught me to learn myself
And the purpose of my life

A place which taught me not to judge,
Not to trust, but to be compassionate
A place which taught me to smile through
The pain and with he who caused it

Hail J’pura….! Vive le J’pura
Give the love you gave me to
Every soul which yearns for happiness
Through a half realized dream

She | A Poem by Anuradha Fonseka

Her glossy lips; painted in expensive colours
Her voluptuous chest; enlarged with a padded bra
Her cajoling eyes; lined with kajol raven
Her slender body; entrapped in a skinny jean

She, the Goddess of enticement,
The mirage of entrapment,
Men’s tool of fantasy and imagination,
With a smile so innocent and a look so attractive

With all the cards at her side,
Why couldn’t she keep my man to her?
Why wouldn’t my man turn back to her?
Why couldn’t she keep any man to her?

Just a thought or an advice to her
To make her think of her vain empty life
To make it better with a little wise
And to make her pay little less

No any cosmetic or any ornament
Can make a man drawn to you
A man, by nature is strong in physic
But not completely in psyche

Men are frail in their soul
Need a little assist when they fall
A little shove when life goes wrong
A dear word or two when feeling indolent

Give him the moral sustain
Be his word when he is silent
Be his dream, the future he beholds
Be his life and care for his home

With these thoughts and many more
She could be the right one for all
Yet she just thought men just toys
When she needed a little show

She couldn’t keep my man to her
Or any after him, three or four
She still tries with her looks and chest
But she fails, for men like dolls with a little brain

Where I Hide You | A Poem by Anuradha Fonseka

Not in a clean Feuillet that I write about you
Not in a pretty looking journal nor in my facebook page
But behind the books I am reading… on the very last page
Copperfield, Mill on the Floss, Wuthering Heights and She
Have poems about you on their last pages
A different story, the world will not understand
Not even those who justify Heathcliff, Maggie or Ayesha
Will justify me

While reading,
When philosophies are too advanced
You creep into my fatigued mind
Our laughs, our jokes and our stories distract me
Your laugh, your sighs and your concerns take me away
Away to a dream which both of us love to dream together

And this… is written on the last page of Frankenstein

I Wonder… | A Poem by Anuradha Fonseka

When it rains with thunder
I wonder if he ever remembers
The little girl hidden in his warmth
If he ever remembers that she was afraid of thunder
If he ever remembers she used to feel safe with him
May be he does not, for now she is replaced with another
A prettier one from a prettier mother
Yet he does not know in the girl’s life
He is not replaced (And will never be)
When it rains with thunder
She has nowhere to hide
She’ll be brave and sigh

I Breathe Heavy (Was It a Sigh?) | A Poem by Anuradha Fonseka

Imagination you fed me
Blind images I drank
And breathed your words
I lived unreal

All gone now, I see well
I breathe air and move myself
With real food and

I carry on my life
You are past, let’s hope so
We are done, not you and
I anymore

For your good and mine own
For the sake of reality I let you go
I breathe heavy (was it a sigh?)
Yet I promise I’ll pen no more
No more of you or us
I breathe heavy (was it a sigh?)

Realization | A Poem by Anuradha Fonseka

The stars are winking, are they mocking me?
The night is that dark that I cannot tell.
The moon is that pale that
I never know where I tread
Fragrances of wild flora kiss me
Yet I never know their colour
I just hear the brook flowing
I never know where it flows
I feel all the wonders at night
Yet I never know, I never see them
The night is blind, the night is drunk
The night is vague, the night is blunt
Let the night go
Let the dawn break
Let the light peep
Let the colours shine
Let me see the colours, the shapes,
The perfect imperfections of the world
Let the light guide my realization