Poems and Poetry


Beast with Two Backs | A Poem by Wanda Morrow Clevenger

some journals pay
with contrib copies
— a whole slew
of lambent art
covers and typeface
baby punch
Dali designs

some ask love
of the craft pittance
I’ve shelled a
few times to
further the starved
compare apples
to oranges,
pass around
at writers guild

some journals
blow PDF kisses
— printer ink
and Post Master
the beast
with two backs

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Late Night Flight | A Poem by J. K. Durick

Past midnight and in my book the story takes flight
The characters have all found their seats, checked
Their luggage, stowed their carry-ons overhead
And are settling in, this is the red-eye, non-stop
Coast to coast, crossing time zones, flying so high
This late that no one can hear it or see it, but it’s
There, going where the pilot wants, the author
Imagined so much, brought them all on board, and
I’m along for the ride, a stowaway hidden away in
The luggage or wheel well, a bit cramped, crowded
By their baggage, eavesdropping when I can get
Close enough, feeling their lives go on around me
I want to be a bit player in all this, a flat character
Perhaps, a piece of the plot, assuming a role beyond
Just sitting here so late I’m way too tired to sleep.

Some Cities Never Belong to Us | A Poem by Sunil Sharma

Some cities never belong to us or
We to them, despite having lived
for decades on those twisted streets.
Like a loveless marriage, you tend to spend time
sans being aware of the changing seasons.
The years leave no marks
and then comes a time to snap the link.
Another unknown journey begins.
We all are hobos
in search eternal
for a home of our own.
And post-modern vagabonds beneath
our designer suits
only hopping from one place to another.

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Chance Encounter in the Big Box Store | A Poem by G.S. Katz

In the big box store
Waiting on line to make a return
Older woman ahead of me
Exasperated by confused cashier
She turns to me
With a twinkle in her eye
Smiles and shakes her head
Hoping for resolution
Knowing there’s a slim chance
of this going right
But instead of anger
She takes it all in stride
She smiles again looking my way
Her transaction complete

I complete my exchange
Then see her a bit up ahead
I say excuse me
Tell her that when she smiled at me
She had my Mom’s smile
and a lovely twinkle in her eyes
Just like my Mom had
She tells me I made her day
I tell her I lost my Mom a few years ago
But she brought her back with her smile
We talk and exchange family histories
Have a few laughs about life
She was touched by my compliment
I had a Mom again for a few minutes
Priceless exchange in the big box store
New York City
This is why we live here
People and connection
Moments in time…