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The Human Condition Poems

Age Has Curtains | A Poem by Donal Mahoney

An incident in youth
never meant to happen
recorded on a pad
to be read
another time
is found
decades later
in a drawer of socks
by the writer
who is then
on the precipice
of age. His
reading glasses
help him understand
who it was
and why he did it.
Not so funny now.
Can’t apologize.
He’s the only one
who’ll ever know.
No one else alive
to tell about it.

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Swimming against a Torrent | A Poem by Guy Farmer

A complete absence of self-awareness,
Manifesting as the total lack of
Ability to see the effect of one’s
Toxic actions on others,
Perpetuating an unchanging
Cycle of discomfort and suffering
Mangling anything in its path and
Rendering reason insignificant.
Swimming against a torrent,
The suffocating swirls of hurt
Pulling one down until
No self remains.

A Fine Evening | A Poem by Guy Farmer

A group of well-dressed,
People relax in a
Posh restaurant,
Enjoying drinks and
Waiting for their order.
A light conversation
Rapidly becomes tense
When someone’s feelings
Are hurt which, in turn,
Causes someone else to
Become incensed, which
Leads to someone else crying
While two others argue
In the corner and someone
Else storms out of the room
On such a fine evening.

Rustic | A Poem by Ananya S. Guha

This springtime reminds
of autumn’s wind
and decadent roads
will smell the tar once again
as roads need to be repaired
in this season only
with the brush of the rains
lacing them with wetness, muddy. I stand or walk
precariously as the roads
are prepared once again for torrid rains, the monsoon’s blues, and the fang-bearing winds.
In this hill town I breathe freely. Rustic.