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Cup of Tea | A Poem by Roy K. Austin

Clogged – up to the eaves
time to roll up one’s sleeves,
is this the way of Zen
raking the leaves again,
observing one’s thoughts, but never
tying the two together?
Asking of mother earth
what was ‘I’ before birth
and of the autumn sun
what will ‘I’ be when I’m gone?
Tossing thoughts with the leaves,
clearing a way for Zen –
what I heave to the wind
the wind may blow back again:
Fancy I hear a voice –
‘You are the trees turned yellow,
turn you to brown despair
’til you are ripe and mellow,
three pounds of flax for a rope –
hang you on threads of hope:

The whole edifice of belief
is built on the ancient brain,
clear it away and let it flow-
and rain, rain, rain;

Love speaks through nature
with such sad empathy,
and is this less than the swirl
of grouts, in my cup of tea?

Visit Roy’s website at roykaustin.weebly.com.

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One thought on “Cup of Tea | A Poem by Roy K. Austin

  1. G.S. Katz

    i like this poem very much. It has good flow and the message is loud and clear.
    Congrats on a fine piece of writing.

    G.S. Katz

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