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It Takes a Little Old Lady | A Poem by Donal Mahoney

It was always a lovely yard,
the grass green, never a weed.
Dandelions in spring were
an endangered species
as soon as she spotted them.

And there was always action.
Chickadees and juncos
and sparrows dancing
on the small feeder
high in the Dogwood,

knocking seed
to the ground
for cardinals and jays,
grackles and starlings,
too big for the feeder.

As soon as the squirrel
would see the feast,
he’d gallop over,
startle the others
and have his fill.
But not so today.
The yard’s empty.

There isn’t a bird
or squirrel in sight,
proving it takes
a little old lady
to fill the feeder.
The family flew in
and buried her last week.

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