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Sub Aqua & Sub Aqua Again | A Poem by Marie MacSweeney

Sub Aqua

Of a March day,
sauntering beneath
a span of starlings,
humming by lapping waters,
heading nowhere
but into my own head,
I round a bend to find
my route disappear
into the sea;

taking a higher track
I see the road
wander discreetly
onwards under water,
a tractor riding through,
rounding the headland.

Next time I will come
at low tide,
dismiss traffic,
stroll in my whole skin
where fish swam.

Sub Aqua Again

Not to forget the fire
or the ship’s slipstream
or the sun
not now burning
the ocean.

Traces of
grey smoke,
gulls foraging
locked heat
in the once house.

And I am again
into sleep
as your shape

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