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Reassemble You | A Poem by Robin Wyatt Dunn

nonthreatening revenge
like love
exists to end the torment

no one remembers
who I was
neither do I

it’s safest this way

a rupture inside a dream
who knows your name
and rivets you into the future
with a music soundtrack
and a cape

it’s you
or was
like me
broken and reassembled

come here
and be

be again
be better
be soft

and shrink within the gloom
it behooves you to zoom and flurry shakes your feathers get it over
bloody murder

these sorties are magical

I know a lot of them.

I know the thought
and the time
I know the dime you spent
on my shoes
on my tie
it’s time to die
the tailors say
and they’re not wrong
but they havent really been paying attention either

bend your head in
and listen
to the sound of ducks
and trucks
and wind

that sound is you
you are part of that sound

we broke you open
we broke you in
we broke you better

get up and dance
maybe dream with me?

you’ve got a thousand of them
a trillion
a reflection of truth
inside our righteous dream
of white and brown
and red

not dead yet!
not by all of us!

full out and shout
the ghetto won’t get out
it gets in

Visit Robin at http://www.robindunn.com.

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