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Mind Your Own Business | A Poem by P.K. Deb

Benevolent arguments-
delivered by foretelling tongues
ought to be placed on heart and soul
yet these are rewarded a prompt rejection
by even the cavities of the new ears,
as these don’t hold water
to the eyes-
just opened in a fresh morning
brought about by an innovative sunshine
to witness one another
as shameless and careless
holding hammers in their green hands
to grind the white feelings of the old hearts.
‘’Mind your own business’’
the young sound wave pierces
the old tongues-
habituated to have a finger in their pie
whether fresh or rotten
for more purification,
but holding their heads high,
the fresh hearts
hold their pie well and have the cheek
to show the burnt eyes a white pigeon
nesting in the gap
between the new and the old hearts
termed and nurtured of late
as the generation gap
making many brimful hearts absolutely vacant.

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