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Just Haiku | Poems by Nancy May

on the sea shore
home for the hermit crab
in my trainer

a sea of red
beneath my toes
lines of the dead

a leafless tree
dreams of spring
scents of blossom

a leafless branch
stood on the doorstep
a policeman

April morning
in the coolness of a breeze
scents of blossom

sunset –
don’t give up little bird
follow the trail of light

cobweb –
be brave now fly
here comes the spider

Mount Everest
how tall! climb safely
little ladybird

autumn morning
on a bed of brown
I watch leaves settle

taking care
a ladybird climbs
Mount Everest

in the cold here I am
waiting for someone
to take me home

a leafless tree
with no leaves to blow
sways in the breeze

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