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A Woman Talks to Her Former Lover | A Poem by Naduni

Those who said broken glass cannot be rejoined
Were weaklings
Yes weaklings
The strong are the ones who not only rejoined
Disjointed glass
But also disjointed lives
I am the epitome of the women
who can not only bear
breaking, tearing and shattering
But also resist
I am not going to stick
My beautiful life
You tore into pieces
With watery glue sold in
Mainstream markets
I am going to burn and remold
My life, you, young man could
Only tear
With your weak manly fingers
Into a stronger, harder shape
I am the phoenix
That withstands fire
I will burn and remold
But will never be destroyed
I will resurrect from my own ashes
You who can only tear
Are a mere pawn on the chess board
Nothing to a woman-phoenix
Who withstands fire,
Fire mighty enough to scorch
The world you stand

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