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Argue with the Echoes | A Poem by Lee Switzer

This is the creeping of the morning through the curtains
The violence of the shake that wakes an over-tired brain
This is the rumble of the traffic
The regret of a purchase of a two bed on an A road

The same road I walk home, night shift diminished
All the cracks in the pavement seem a little too perfect
I’ve started to wonder if cognisance is worthless
If thoughts decorate brains like flowers in hearses

The church sits on the skyline
At the point where the rainclouds and the sun combine
I’ve thrown my voice at answers, let mistrust go
But I can’t help but argue with the echoes

You see the back of my head as you leave your home
You don’t need to see my face, you already know
My jagged outline so over-traced
That all the mystery has worn away
So you don’t even open your mouth
You watch my pull my hood up and fix my head down

My bad posture comes from my heavy eyes
They weigh more than I can carry

This is the creeping of the volume on your iPod
As crudely shuffled songs end up sitting all wrong
But louder feels better, it drowns out the flaws
Hides the pity in the meanings that don’t mean a thing anymore

I’ve been meaning to work harder, but my quota goes unmet
Just like the new friends your ex wrote of in the letters he sent
I’ve started to wonder if I’d save the trust I spent
Would I be able to afford some of the truth you have to rent?

The bank hangs like a blanket over a cage
At the point where the cold rain seeps into the drains
I’ve sold myself on a promise, let greed take control
These days ignorance is solvency or so I’m told

You see a flick book of red lights with one dog-eared page
So sick of being exactly twenty minutes late every day
As your clockwork heart just keeps losing time
And it thins your blood like red wine
That always made me such a dizzy drunk
I don’t regret the day I finally sobered up

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