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Rant | A Poem by Alistair Muir

And so it comes that time again —
The wait for payment causing pain —
No coffee, food, tobacco — hope —
No friends to help — to share the slope
That runs downhill — you gather speed —
Grows worse the hunger and the need;
The money still two days away —
Eternity ‘neath skies of grey;
Then on the television spouts
A man from government who shouts —
Election promises and lies —
A load of bollocks — no surprise —
More cuts to us on benefits —
The dirty ones — the little shits;
A stain on record books — a mark —
To be removed — kept in the dark;
The bastards at the top look down —
They see the poor — just laugh or frown —
No sympathy — no rush to aid
The dregs they think are overpaid;
Your ire erupts — withdrawal a bitch —
It causes you to write and pitch
Your grievances — they fill the page —
But nonetheless still dims the rage;
You shake your head — take deep a breath —
‘Tis need you face not war or death;
Around the world are worse than you —
So be not selfish — morbid — blue;
The rant abates — the symptoms ease —
You slip down onto bended knees
And pound the floor — frustration reigns —
For all in life who live in chains —
You chide yourself for pity — tears —
So small in face of global fears —
At least in days you’ll be okay —
For others you can only pray.

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