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To Leonard Woolf | A Poem by Naduni

Your great judge
The unbiased
White-souled gentleman
Sits in the bar
While my ancestor
Doesn’t understand that
He’s ‘acquitted’
The white jargon of the white law was
Alien to Silindu,
The wild bull, to you.
You said he made love
Like an animal
Did you witness? (If so, not very gentlemanly of you!)
Couldn’t it have been the wild cry
Of my great-great-grandmother’s pleasure
(Since my ancestors insisted on pleasure for both)
Silindu, my ancestor, the bull to you,
To me is the epitome of patience, far-sightedness and innocence
That bore your colonization with forbearance
My native culture,
My tradition of cohabitation,
Utter folly, taboo and immorality to you
Oh! To you and the natives who imitated you
To me is the veneration of individual freedom,
Freedom to love, freedom to live and freedom to leave
When one wants to

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