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She | A Poem by Anuradha Fonseka

Her glossy lips; painted in expensive colours
Her voluptuous chest; enlarged with a padded bra
Her cajoling eyes; lined with kajol raven
Her slender body; entrapped in a skinny jean

She, the Goddess of enticement,
The mirage of entrapment,
Men’s tool of fantasy and imagination,
With a smile so innocent and a look so attractive

With all the cards at her side,
Why couldn’t she keep my man to her?
Why wouldn’t my man turn back to her?
Why couldn’t she keep any man to her?

Just a thought or an advice to her
To make her think of her vain empty life
To make it better with a little wise
And to make her pay little less

No any cosmetic or any ornament
Can make a man drawn to you
A man, by nature is strong in physic
But not completely in psyche

Men are frail in their soul
Need a little assist when they fall
A little shove when life goes wrong
A dear word or two when feeling indolent

Give him the moral sustain
Be his word when he is silent
Be his dream, the future he beholds
Be his life and care for his home

With these thoughts and many more
She could be the right one for all
Yet she just thought men just toys
When she needed a little show

She couldn’t keep my man to her
Or any after him, three or four
She still tries with her looks and chest
But she fails, for men like dolls with a little brain

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