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I Ended the World | A Poem by Naduni

I dismantled the Milky Way
Immersed it in the Mariana crate
Uprooted the Himalayas
Smashed them into bits and
Blew to the empty void of the space

When you were no longer there?
What use of them were to me?

I removed the stars
Didn’t let them shine any more
Covered the azure blue
Of the sky with white

I made them all mourn
For my unforeseen loss

There was none to empathise
Though there were many who spat
Empty, cliché expressions of ‘good manners,’
‘I am very sorry about your loss.’

My pain, my devastation and my desperation
Inflated in to a rage
That devoured the world and made it barren
Ruined the world, no Noahs exempted
Cause there were no Noahs who knew what was love and kindness
I don’t apologise
I am not sorry for the loss of the Earth
When you were not there
What was the use of that indurate world?

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