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The Mad Wiseacres | A Poem by P.K. Deb

In the kingdom of wiseacres
wisdom is made captive property
and all are automatic to be bewitched
and involved in blind chasing and counter-chasing.
So my sister’s wit chases me,
my brother’s wit bites me
and my friend’s wit barks at me
since my wit makes them foolish.
Some may be wistful wooer to one another
Yet they make themselves withered
and thus withstand in the composition of an epic.
The woeful importunity may be wordy
but noisy to the ears of the wiseacres
and hence unheard mercilessly.
Nevertheless, the earth rotates and revolves
and the world gives indulgence to wiseacres
and witnesses all to be deaf, dumb and blind
in the rescue of captive wisdom
from the clutches of the mad wiseacres.

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