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Shedding Skin | A Poem by Naduni

I used to spend hours
In front of the gilt mirror
Watching you
Gleaming, glittering
With youth
With love
My skin!
Quite narcissistic I was back then
I engulfed in you
I indulged in you
My youthful skin!
‘Beauty is but skin deep’
Whoever told is very true…
Now you are peeling off me
You are consciously leaving me, I know
You had done your little magic
That you do to every belle
From 15 to 25
After deceiving me with your
Fraudulent promises of eternal unity
Now you are seeping my life essence by showing you complacently
Gliding out of my gate, haughty and graceful than ever!
The only ruin of the temporal idyllic days is the sagging masquerade,
Ashen white, rough and dry and
Flushing instead of blushing
It quite embarrasses me
When I am standing together with petite belles
Life too is shedding
Alongside you
Over are the days
Of ecstatic summer
At the door step and
On the billet-doux
Are the days of decaying Autumn

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