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The Fetters | A Poem by Naduni

There was a woman
A lady
Young and delicate
Like the evening breeze
Her hair gently swayed
Keeping with her gait
She emanated
Chanel No 5
The Prada clutch bag
Ruby and elegant
Cuddled against
Her slender palm
She was unmarried
She said she couldn’t get married
Her class and caste
Are like fetters that confine her
She answered
When I asked about her marriage
What class? You are so classy!
I gasped.
She gently smiled and said
You can climb the social ladder and
Become classy, educated and elegant
But you can’t change your lineage
When it comes to marriage
They considered crucial
Where is equality
I wondered
Such a lady can’t marry
Because of a class she has long left and
A caste whose name she cannot remember

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