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The So-Called Aristocratic-Marxist Lady | A Poem by Naduni

You, the seemingly white dove
Who advocates egalitarianism
Who calls us ‘friends’
Are a capitalist to the core.
The deepest irony is embedded in the
Faux gold and pearls
On the fingers
That crave for women and ears
Deaf to the hushed murmurs of
The poor, the average, the rural and the ignorant
Spending a whole life on converting
Nonsmoking women
To smokers and heterosexual women
To homosexuals
Ruining married lives under the veil of
You laugh from you throne
Which to the infiltrator is a
Mere wooden chair
Gilt to deceive the gullible
The uneducated, the rural and
The innocent.
The luxury vehicles are appropriated
From others’ permits
Which you never deserved
The driver holds the door open for you
Who is obviously humiliated under my gaze
He doesn’t know I am from the same village
You drag your feeble feet
Too old to stand straight
After a lifetime of self-deceit
Deceit, falsity and a continuous struggle to
Become an elitist
The sign value and the exchange value of your
Beckon me to uncover a secret.
I know their secret
They merely laugh at your foolishness
‘Conspicuous consumption’
In other words.
Where will you end
Even you are unaware
This poem comes to an abrupt end
Symbolic of your own end

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