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A Got-Up Video Game | A Poem by P.K. Deb

A got-up video game –
played on the screen of reality
where every click may not be responded
and every level may not be crossed over,
yet clicking is always unabated.
A babbling bunny –
selected as a super hero,
openly by the tumultuous kids
but secretly by an invisible adult,
for the game to win.
Slowly but steadily,
powers are obtained step by step,
villains are defeated one by one
and doors are opened level by level.
In the climax, only two doors –
almost twins and adjacent to each other,
remaining to be opened to win the game,
the left – for the kids
and the right – for the invisible.
The blockhead kids –
quite blissful in reaching the left door,
hopeful for winning the game
and prompt to press the click.
Alas! The hero is irresponsive to the click
but spontaneous to reach
and open the right door in no time.
A roar of laughter reverberates in the air,
makes the kids astonished and disappointed too.

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