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My Guests | A Poem by P.K. Deb

My guests are ever-solicited
yet they cross me flying over raising hands
or running by me,
so selective they are, it seems,
Nevertheless, my thirsty eyes get quenched up,
as my guests are witnessed
entering my poor parlor
walking on the way of my blood and sweat.
They steer the magical rods,
make my dry lips fertile,
my heart brimful in luxurious emotion
to blast a musical laughter
and my feet hilarious in joy
to show their spontaneous dancing steps
for a blissful while – consisting of
a few tumultuous moments of amusement.
Alas! As time passes, moment by moment
so the guests start disappearing one by one
in the bottomless holes of my booster –
boosting my unaccounted
smile, laughter and dancing up.
The wheel of life moves another round,
makes my eyes thirsty and watchful
for gaining the presence of the guests again
and hopeful too plan wise to sustain
their existence for a long time and term.
Experienced heart admits the importance of
a rationing system of amusement –
well featured by a new booster with a regulator.

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