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New Chance | A Poem by Nathy Dulanto Bernuy

I lived waiting for tomorrows
Scared to face my sorrows
It’s time to follow the signs
It’s time to do what is right

I lived waiting for a new chance
Scared to follow my own advice
It’s time to let go the past
It’s time to take the plunge

I’ve been blind all this time
Scared to face my life
It’s time to took away the headband
It’s time to see with brand new eyes

I’ve been living a huge lie
Scared to face the truth
It’s time to move on
It’s time to let you go

I will stand up for my dreams
I’ll try to fulfill my plans
Today is all that matters
Today is when my new chance starts

Visit Nathy at http://nathynb.tumblr.com.

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