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What If | A Poem by Anuradha Fonseka

What if I were not his and you were not hers
We could be ours…Couldn’t we?
They won’t call our tree house is on a forbidden tree
You could kiss me sans guilt and I could escape with you sans guilt
What if…!! What if….!!
What if you were mine….?
I won’t be gone when you wake up
You could be mine in the sun too
Now that you and I belong to the moon
We watch the stars… You know their names
We could watch the breaking of the dawn too
If you were mine…
It rains and snows outside
We could make our tree house warmer
With our breath and skin on fire (sans guilt)
“What if I kiss you anyway…?”
You ask me. I have no answer
If you were mine
There could be neither rules nor limits
If you were mine and I were yours
You already are… don’t you think?
Though not physically your soul belongs to me
What if you were mine?? Completely!
What if I love you anyway??

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