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The Stubborn May Flower | A Poem by Naduni

The owners of the garden
Where the May flower tree
Want it to last only for three years
But the flower wants to live for four years
The bees argue, vehemently, that the flower
Always had the right to live for four years
‘The reduction is unjust’
They shout
They are punished for that by the owners
‘The flower is stubborn
It should be tamed’
The neighbours don’t mind
How long it lives
Or whether it lives at all
They are eternally annoyed
By all the commotion
Caused by the bees
Over just another May flower
The flower looks bloodier
Than ever
The leading bees are bloody too
That enrages the following bees
The damned flower and the damned bees are both damn stubborn
They must be tamed
‘Take all necessary steps to tame them’
The warrants are thus passed.

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