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The Wind That Blew | A Poem by Anuradha Fonseka

Once was a garden
Where all kinds of flowers grew
Varied colours of flowers with
Varied textures and aroma

Two buds of dissimilar species
Yet similar in heart
They were differently textured
Their worlds were like chalk and cheese

Whilst they were struggling to bloom
Some mild breeze brought them close
They were amazed by the knowledge
That their hearts and wishes were alike

Tenderly were they blooming hand in hand
Strengthening their roots
Dreaming of the amazing life ahead
Wonderful friends they were

People thought they were fine sisters
Feeling alike, dreaming alike
That they will adorn
The world hand in hand

Alas..!! NO. They were wrong
A wind blew so strong
They were drawn apart
Far… Far from each other

The wind, still is so strong
It never lets them closer
Could a wind draw hearts apart
Though it could draw the selves apart

No… Strong be the wind
Stronger is their friendship
Whose hearts beat alike
Cannot be defeated by a gale

May twilight surround with stars above
May it snow and draw them apart
They know somewhere around them
Breathes their great friendship

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