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Non-Violent Ventilators | A Poem by P.K. Deb

Scolding, abusing, cursing and weeping —
the effective ventilators for cooling a compelled life,
captive in a handicapped body
with chained hands and feet.
Let’s look at the spears of fire —
cast by the selfish catapults —
powered by the evils of
society, profession, politics and spirituality
towards a poor life and the only amulet —
made of tolerance and patience is penetrated
and the helpless life starts groaning in pain and irritation.
Mind is free and brave,
so prompt for a retaliation
but the body is too handicapped to participate.
A hot and roaring wave of
humiliation and anger is added to the groaning
making the body to swell up in destructive emotion
up to a blasting point.
Thank God, the ventilators start working on time
one by one as per the need of life and time
and the body is spontaneous to use the magic of
scolding, abusing and cursing —
all against the merciless catapult
and at last weeping too to cool down
the burning body mind and soul
in a very non-violent way of saving a life from the fire of anger.

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