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A Journey | A Poem by P.K. Deb

A journey
down to the earth —
the most common and compulsory
for a life to enjoy or suffer,
yet, only one wheeler is provisioned to travel
in quest of more and more wheels to add
on the signal of the rise and set of the sun
with many beckoning hands and eyes.

In the vast course of journey,
plains, hills and mountains are trampled,
rivers, seas and oceans are steered,
elephants and whales are made upside down,
ants and insects experience a combing-search,
the Hell and the Heaven are used in weight-lifting,
and more and more wheels are added
one by one to the vehicle for its smooth acceleration.

Maybe, nearby or far away,
the destination waits eagerly for the vehicles
Some are well skilled and lucky —
able to reach the destination —
chatting simultaneously with the wind,
make the journey a grand success.

May God help the ill-skilled and the sick-fated
who get lost somewhere else
far away from the determined destination.
Alas! The blissfulness of
the destined is temporary too,
as time passes – moment by moment
so rust of the End invades the wheels – particle by particle,
spares, at last, one single wheel to go back there
where from it came in at the very outset.

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