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A Walk through Falling Steps | A Poem by Richard William Kirkpatrick-Thorne

Taller Than Icarus On A Unicycle,
While Manifesting A Carved Beard For A Shiny Face,
Squinty Weasel-Eyed Paradigm With Morning Yolk Dripping,
Trigger-Yeti With Philosophical Dairy Maids,
With The Lords Of Baccalaureate To Cling From The Cold Dead Sleep,
Tin Cans And String On A Psychic Boob-Job For Back Support…

They Can Stensil Wings OnTo Loose Cloud Formations To Induce Spring
Aluminum Soles For Walking Gingerly UpOn ReEntry InTo The Boiling
And Then To Talk The Egg From The Hen’s Snatch,
Buying Out The Architects For Zephyrs From Strawberry Blondes,
A New Blue-Print For Mouths To Saw Through The Thicket,
Stacking Appropriately With Those Branches And Twigs…

Straw Bent InTo Masks And Tied InTo Shape,
Killdeer Omens Crackleing Resinous,
The Pyre Shooting Its Milky Way Spiralling InTo Furnace Sparks,
Of Orange Burning Bright To White Then Black,
FootSteps And BootHeel-Clicks Sketching DisSolution,
It Is A Relative Realm To The OutSide Of The Glow,
With Squire’d Pegs In The Crib Board To Keep Watch…

A Foot On A Pedal,
To Push The Other Up,
Turning The Crank…

The Sound Of One Head Napping…

To Trick The Thumb To Snap The Finger…

It Is A Walk Through Falling Steps.

Originally published at http://rwkt.blogspot.ca/2014/03/a-walk-through-falling-steps.html.

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