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The Rhino Skin | A Poem by P.K. Deb

I wrapped myself with the rhino-skin,
My boss moved around and looked at my wrapper
As an examiner evaluates the examination paper
And suddenly he jumps on me with the pin
Of abusing words of humiliation even to my parents,
But these were painless and stainless bites of ants
To me as I was protected by the rhino-skin.

At my home, I fastened the loop of the rhino-skin
As it was to be tested again for another round
By my family-boss, my wife with terrific verbal sound
On her every demand and suspect to demean
My dedication to family and aggravate her role,
But I was calm with no retaliation at all
As I had covered myself with the rhino-skin.

Routine wise, I put off my rhino-skin
And reached to my evening destination with common attire
Where I met with my friends — the hunts of satire,
We are instigated by one another to convene
A party where we drank in the name of our bad luck
And wept to washout the bitterness, we had to suck
But at last we could smile and dance as we had no rhino-skin.

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