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Not for Parents | A Poem by P.K. Deb

At the age of late teen age —
he with his thousands of twin brothers
leaves their paternal village,
sets a journey to unknown destination
hands over their tiny income to parent —
hoping a higher and handsome income
they will earn for their dear parent.

The vehicle – used in their journey,
runs fast as the race of time.
A town stands on their way, stops the vehicle
and checks them box by box with inquisitive eyes,
the face of the town glitters
in the reflection of their
transformation into adulthood.
They receive a higher income
from the blissful town,
Alas! The income is snatched
and pocketed by a stranger
and their parent get a thumb to suck

Again the journey runs for a few hours
until it is stopped by a city —
rich, colossal and handsome.
The same influence of
their enchanting colour and freshness,
the happy city feels good to raise their income
and to be democratic in distribution.
How sad! They and their income
both are shared by many gentlemen —
living in the city while their parent —
the poor villagers get another thumb to suck.

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