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Earthly Spirits and Fear | A Poem by P.K. Deb

Quite a wrangling time it was,
“Hunt or be hunted” was popular,
while two man-made spirits fell in love
and took an oath to live together for ever
in the witness of the rising sun.
A cool breeze of emotion and instinct flew in,
made the people pregnant instantly
and a chilled “Fear” was born in hot mind,
ensnared them to be upside down
to shed down the black belongings.
The protruded eyes conducted a quick survey
of the border-line of dignity to look within,
the flying legs returned to their base
and started marching on the given track,
the long and sharp nailed fingers hid
in the safe- shelter of grip in hurry,
the night-wings rooted out the blood-sucking teeth
and the ghosts joined in the hustle at the doors
of the saloons and beauty-parlours
to change themselves into angels and fairies.

Thus, “Fear” – the blessing of the earthly spirits
solicited a cyclone and the evil–dirt was washed off,
along with the next rising sun —
the ground-floor was uplifted to the top-floor.

Of late, just a story it is to a grandson
who experiences a win in shooting competition
against an un-updated pair of spirits
maybe, over-burdened with the stacks of ages.
May God rejuvenate and empower the spirits
with the same winning weapons
as they could use before against the rivals.

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