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Meaning – Critically | A Poem by P.K. Deb

Leaping purposes many things
But the proverb sweetly sings
“Look before you leap” —
In to mind confusions so creep.
We may have endless wants
But to scholar and saints
“First deserve then desire” —
Makes society pretender and liar.
We mean charity for other
But we ought to remember
“Charity begins at home” —
So sweet is home with or without dome.
We lose patience to our miseries
But heartless the proverb is
“Every dog has his day” —
So suffer today for tomorrow’s gay.
We prefer to give something to nothing
But how we ignore the warning,
“Give him an inch and he will take an ell” —
Makes selfishness logically good and well.
Thus a lunatic may break proverbs
Throws a critical meaning to us,
But the proverb you may recall
“As goat eats all so mad talks all”.

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