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Biography | A Poem by P.K. Deb

The childhood, the youth and the old age
The ages to learn, earn and efface.
An age of dependence the childhood is
Compelled to spend on other’s wish
Encircled with books and prohibitions
Controlled and regulated all its actions.
The earth rotates with its revolution
And a youth grows up in evolution
Domestically wild he is in nature,
An incarnation with fearless gesture.
He is a riddle-less galloping horse
Fond of leaping to summit and endorse
The triumph of his purity and vitality
But criticised merely for its prodigality.
Synonymous to him – tied or untied,
He runs with storm keeping aside
An obstruction may imperil his life
But he smiles at it only to gibe.
Accumulates experiences and resources
Shares with whom he loves and graces
Rules his world for long time and term
And surrenders when he becomes infirm
The old age is the heart less age of effacing
Prides and contumacy start vanishing
The strength gets lost and amazed
And the biography is stopped and effaced.

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