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Universal Poem | A Poem by P.K. Deb

My beloved slumbered lover,
Come on, break your century long slumber;
Awake you up and realise your rigidity.
Let me make you up to regain the beauty
As a virtue of achieving universal appreciation.
Darling, throw all the costly ornaments
That lack universal accessibility and complements,
Be beautiful with light and simple decoration,
Comfortable to the injured hearts in narration
And smooth to common eyes for their realisation.
Oh dear, change your native attire,
The neighbours are only able to admire
But unfamiliar absolutely to mankind.
A common attire makes you available to find
And invite you to dwell in the deep of sweet memory
My beloved, you are gifted as a whole
With the fragrance of emotional heart and soul,
Ought not to allow your fragrance be trampled
Under the drops of perfume artificially sprinkled,
Be a universal poem in the paradise of poetry.

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