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Mind and Life | A Poem by P.K. Deb

Ever pendulous, the capricious mind is,
Blissful in swinging with no awareness,
It plunges into the depth of uncertainties
And remains indifferent to consequences.
Red-alert life is a one-act play,
Afraid of sudden fall of drop – scene;
It keeps on anticipating whole the day
And plays carefully with kith and kin.
Be careful, a hustle is on all around,
Let the doors and windows be shut;
“My world” be small, safe and sound
And careful I am with my limited gut.
Stormy and thunderous the open world is,
Rain arrows pierce the careless huts,
Look for hole in me too and tease,
Roar and leave me with no hurts.
Ought not to allow mind to pour
Fuel in life to fight against arrows.
Let self-defence be stood at the door
And selfishness be hung on the windows.
An individual is to participate in tug-of war
Played by selfish life and indifferent mind
Hence, he should listen to his soul and care
Of its advice, the destiny of own to find.

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