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Mankind | A Poem by P.K. Deb

Let’s have a travel
Up to that level
Where from knowledge turns behind.
Quite keen to quest,
Try up to the best,
Nowhere they are available to find.
Possessors of big brain,
Still suffer from sprain
On the way of reachable destiny.
The lanes of pain and gain
Are known to them, but often
They knock the doors of agony.
The apologue is memorised
And the lessons are exercised,
Grow up with teacher and guide.
Still foolish they are,
Unmindful and unaware
Of the opportunity with which they collide.
Greed for more repulses them
To the hell of the ever increasing jam
Of the creatures of ruinous nature.
Thus they become aberrant,
Mingle with vices in constant
And befoul and blight their future.
Luminous is their habitat
And minds are illuminated,
Still to darken they never mind.
They have earned a lot
Of the great virtues at cost,
Although unkind yet they are mankind.

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