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SHE, Me and My Patience | A Poem by P.K. Deb

She, my love, secretly came to me at night-
Just before the dawn and its slight light
When my restless patience left my room
And left me alone in a sleepy doom.
Unabated was the waiting from the evening
And the young night was nicely dressing
With chilled silence and thrilling darkness,
Which made me and my patience restless.
Slowly the waiting and the ticking of wall clock
Made my eyelids full of slumber’s flock,
For rescue my patience acted like a stream
Poured a few drops of sweet dream
Into my eyes to wash out the slumber,
Rejuvenated I was and started dreaming of her —
She was approaching in the dream with a lily
In her hand and a fascinating look at me.
In a moment all suffering were replaced
By unknown enjoyment and felt be blessed
By the Goddess of good luck and love,
I danced like a peacock and sang like a dove.
My enthusiasm touched the sky of infinity,
The dream to be fulfilled got a new guarantee,
Continued was the waiting and watching the dream
But the monotony made my dream slowly dim.
A painful pinching was felt in heart and soul
As she seemed to have forgotten me at all.
Suddenly cocks started crowing and tempting
My chilled patience to evaporate keeping me lying
Alone in the darkness of unconscious night,
In grief the whole world disappeared from my sight.
Me, the poor, awoke in the next day morning
With empty hand and broken heart for remembering
She and her reasonless reluctance to my ill-fate
Surprisingly the lily was found near the gate;
Realised, she came and kept her promise,
But ill-equipped I was in gaining her release.

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