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My Lover | A Poem by Joanne J.

As I open the door, the soft light and rumpled sheets welcome me.
pillows tossed about.
I breathe deep and smile, the traces of fragrance and scented candles
mixed with the lingering scent of lovemaking, bring a soft smile to my
and a certain eerie feeling that you are still there.

That this room is yours.

indeed you are here, in my mind, in my heart, in my nostrils, I feel
you. I smell you.
Over the days, your scent fades…

I must have you again.
I prepare fresh scented sheets and await my lover.

This room that was once where I went to escape the weariness of life,
is now a sanctuary where I keep “US”. A Place where my basic nature is
free to be indulged,
a place to feel passion, be vulnerable, be ME.

As I sink into my bed, I feel you around me,

I know that this place is OURS. I bury my face in the pillows,
searching for more of your scent. This room is now a corner of my life
where I keep something very special.
I protect it from the entire rest of my world.
I smile again, “ours”is a place were love, contentment, rest, passion,
and peace live.

Where and you and I come, to be “US”

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One thought on “My Lover | A Poem by Joanne J.

  1. Jeremiah Castelo

    Joanne, this poem brings about about so many different emotions in the reader. On one level it is very sensual and physical. On another, there is a sense of emotional and mental longing that can’t be ignored. There are definitely many layers to this. Very well written.

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