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Fragments (In Polarities) | A Poem by Roy K. Austin

The sound of ‘nothing’
engenders ‘nothing’ –
takes ears to hear a sound,
even with apparatus,
a pair of eyes will open
skies, give a world to mind,
a floral blossom to light
has fed on the ground,
a human birth is avowed
by a human headstone;
what is seen depends
on what is not seen,
as the known depends
on what is not known.
Harvesting may
be joyous and sad,
as a felled bole, close
to a thriving tree;
a puff of wind on a
seeding dandelion,
bright yellow maculae
sprouting from grey mud.
A plough turning soil,
found in a loaf of bread;
talk often says nothing,
though silence may be
something said, as on
devout knees at the bedside,
Faith and reason to a church
spire – two black crows
on a live wire, ‘birds of a
feather’, constant sun
to inconstant weather, one
is thought, the other nought.
Interpretation, mist
rising from the sod,
all preconception
circumscribes a God,
and on reality’s scent it
depends on what was meant.
Look up as the fish to know
the hook or the heron,
be tripped from behind
to know the feeding lion,
extinguished embodiment,
the wild magma of a volcano,
be a soul to it’s call and a mouse
to the silent swoop of an owl,
try sharing peace with a
man who thinks too much,
be a beggar outside the walls,
showered with jewels in the
haze of a morning sun ray,
be a stumbling donkey to
know what cruel weight is,
what a real beast is who goads,
a wasted, starving child
adjacent to a plump adult,
a spirit perched on a branch
over a noisy world,
an aggregate fruit harvest,
the thorn’s reminder of a gift;
the indignity of it all –
the noble elephant
made to crouch on a pitiful stool –
the transcending mind does not
do such things but the brain
is an energetic thinking loop
and cannot find a true path to love.

Visit Roy’s website at roykaustin.weebly.com.

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