Poems and Poetry

Wendy Lee Klenetsky

The Old Folks (Who Live Where We Live) | A Poem by Wendy Lee Klenetsky

You can see her;
that little old woman who peers out secretly from behind the
yellowing curtains on the window.
This is as close to the outside world that she dares to come.
She sees no one and no one comes to visit.
you can see her…
Here he comes;
that small, bent-over little old man with the rickety cane.
He hobbles as quickly as he can down the street,
not looking up at the people who stare as they pass by.
Here he comes…
They live this way thanks to us and our society;
She, afraid to come down from her 2-room apartment,
and He, racing (as fast as he can) by all so as not to
have his few packages taken, or be knocked down for the few pennies he
has in his ripped pockets.
Look at them…
Look very closely…
We be BE them shortly…
The Old Folks!
Look very closely…