Poems and Poetry

Shelley Nutting

Midsummer | A Poem by Shelley Nutting

This blessed day in June
when the lofty sun
pushes darkness towards morn,
Druids gather to watch
the re-birth of summer
through rings of stone,
whilst the Green Man,
that old sprite of the woods,
peels his human form
from oak and dances
through the trees and undergrowth,
spreading his fertility
and whispering promises of new life
far and wide.

Nothing To Say | A Poem by Shelley Nutting

This silence.
that squeaks
beneath my finger,
its surface
with gathered breath.

I long to break it,

shatter its perfect curve
with my fists,
fracture the smooth
walls with nothing
more than a

No sound
is forthcoming,
it catches
upon the fabric
of my tongue
and sticks
in my gullet
as I swallow.

I have nothing to say.

Shadow Play | A Poem by Shelley Nutting

We have gathered
on the hillside
this Autumn eve,
enjoying the brisk
air that lifts
our spirits,
like kites
soaring and spiralling
in the dying light.

The waning Sun
has carved our
into stick men.
Shadow puppets
an impromptu drama
even as we turn
to leave…
we remain


in the artist’s eye
by lens
and whirring shutter.

Immortal image
of shadow
and golden light

Scattered Intent | A Poem by Shelley Nutting

that refuse to stay
upon the page.
They break
rank and file
to slip carelessly
from line
to line,
and loiter furtively in the margins.

Assassins of poetry

they obey no master,
reluctant to convey
any meaningful message.
Yet I am aware,
as I reshuffle
phrase after phrase,
it is often the words
not written,
the dramatic pauses…

the breaks

that tell the real tale.