Poems and Poetry

Shawna Schweain

Nocturnal | A Poem by Shawna Schweain

sky turns from navy
to an electric blue
broken by an orb of pink
growing slowly
over the Mississippi
A time not seen by many
when the day seems to slow
then speed up again
A man rides alone on his bicycle
weighed down by goods
from the corner 24 hour mart
a spider spins her web
invisibly in the corner of my porch
the air weighs heavy
alluding to the heat to come
a rare silence lulls over
the normally bustling street
broken only by the first birds chirping
and a siren perhaps miles away
as the world wakes up
i drink my tea to relax
smoke the last cigarette of the day
unable to sleep when the world is dark
finally able to lie down and let go

Visit Shawna at http://sincerelyshawna.com/2015/08/09/nocturnal/.