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Noah Steinberg-Di Stefano

Blind March | A Poem by Noah Steinberg-Di Stefano

Every turn, Street Corner, Regional Nuance
Has found its way to a predictable place
in the daily time card
hapless handshakes
mundane meetings
daily deleterious deja vu
caustic complacency
nothing new nowadays
caution, comfort
salacious stability disguised as
holistic happiness
to the misled mind
Craving chaotic embrace
speed bumps, kinks
are the braille that extract meaning
from this blind march

The Restless Mind | A Poem by Noah Steinberg-Di Stefano

The Restless Mind | A Poem by Noah Steinberg-Di Stefano at Poems and Poetry Blog

My mind Drifts
Like a plastic Bottle
On an ocean wave
Finding its way to virgin shores
Unable to resist the enticing pull of the beautiful unknown
Can I trust it?
One thought visionary, the next wavering
All impulsive and unpredictable
On constant tug of war between passion and reason
Sensitive segues
From one notion to the next
Giant leaps of consciousness
The restless mind walks the line between genius and impulsive insanity
The restless minds floats like a seed in the wind
At the mercy of the slightest change in the current
The seed is an idea
Once that idea has found fertile ground
Its roots dig deep
Stubbornly, mercilessly
Taking hold
Sensitive segues
I will make this a reality says the restless mind
Nothing will stop me

Illustration by James Steinberg

Chaos | A Poem by Noah Steinberg-Di Stefano

Glassy eyes
Blank Stares
transfixed on

If anything,
the dizzying pace of passing traffic
a marching sea

whose tides stop for nothing
or browsing on hand-held screens
engaged in 5 conversations at once

engaged in anything, but the world around them
Day in and Day out
Chaos is only interrupted by intervals of

“Hi, How are you?”
“Where are you headed?”
Powerful whispers

Drowning out sirens and car horns
Greed and Envy
Fueled by billboards that are

most persuasive than even the most skilled debate artist.
Building desire for things that everyone wants

but no one can afford.

Steamrolling movement
impervious to compassion and reason
Whose only kryptonite
Is a simple Good Morning

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